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Sustainability. Not environmental damage (we all know that, I hope), but Solutions.
Global, relevant and urgent.

Mark Phillips – Loupe Subscriber

We asked Loupe subscribers for their suggestions for our next theme.  We had lots of great suggestions but our favourite was ‘Sustainability’- cheers Mark!

The environment is probably what first comes to mind and we are keen to cover that however, we would also like to receive submissions that offer a wide interpretation of the theme. As perfectly stated by the University of Alberta:

Sustainability is not just environmentalism. Embedded in most definitions of sustainability we also find concerns for social equity and economic development.

We want to see work that both highlights current issues and as Mark suggested:

Solutions. Global, relevant and urgent.

This could be at an individual level, documenting a single person’s experience or something much broader, for example looking at a whole country.

No doubt the theme will require us to do some self-reflection on the sustainability of Loupe and we look forward to the challenge!

As always we are looking for still life, fashion, documentary, portraiture or any other lens-based work that relates to the theme.

Some questions to get you thinking:

How can economically developing countries grow sustainably?

Is it sustainable for social media to be controlled by such a small group of stakeholders?

Is there any part of modern life where sustainability has already been achieved?

How are younger generations correcting a lack of sustainability introduced by their parents and grandparents?

What harm has greenwashing done to sustainability?

Should sustainability be enforced by governments?

Can international travel ever be sustainable?

Can capitalism ever be sustainable?



We are looking for work from all genres of photography, be it fine art, documentary, fashion or commercial. There are no limits; as long as the work connects with the theme. Send either a link to the project on your website or up to 10 web rez jpegs and a short project statement to

*Please note* we cannot accept any form of file sharing link, please make sure your images are small enough to attach to a single email.


If you would like to pitch an article for Issue 13 please email All submissions must be related to our theme. You will need to provide examples of previous written work.

Deadline & Feedback

The deadline for all submissions is the 10th of March 2022. We will notify everyone who submits if their work has been selected for Issue 13. If you are a paid subscriber to Loupe you can also request feedback on your submission.


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