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Hello at welcome to the subscriber homepage!  From here you can access all the content that is exclusively available to subscribers of the magazine. There is x many articles – thats over x thousnadn words that you can only read as a subscriber.

Previous seasons

Accompanying each issue of Loupe is a season of online interviews with photographers. Some have been featured in the magazine while others are tackling subjects on the same theme. Once the next issue is released this content is only available to subscribers.

Loupe 11

Loupe 10
National Identity


Over the past 5 years Loupe has been featuring the best new photography from around the world. In these archives, you’ll find every sold out copy of Loupe ever made. Explore and enjoy!

Exclusive Interview series

Before Loupe went themed our online content consisted of several unqiye series of themed interviews. These are no longer accessible on our website and can now only be enjoyed by our subscribers. We hope each gives an insight into a different aspect of photographic practice, be that studying photography, publishing, curating and working as a duo.

Curating Photography

Photographic Duos

Photographers in Publishing

Photographic Education

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