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Signed Limited Edition Prints Picked by Tom Page from Open Doors Gallery

21 September 2019

We’re excited to offer a selection of 4 signed and limited edition prints as rewards for our crowdfunding campaign. The images were chosen by Tom Page – founder of Open Doors Gallery – from our previously featured photographers, with printing provided by Bayeux. In this short article, Tom shares his reasons for picking each.

Felicity McCabe limited edition A2 poster print (49 of 50 Available) 

Singed poster print from Felicity McCabe’s ( Issue 2)  ‘What Remains’ series. 
Tom Page: Following in the footsteps of naturalists and designers like Karl Blossfeldt. These simple contemporary plant studies would look great in any home. With some already sold out this is a great opportunity to add a gem to your collection. Or a great place to start!

©Felicity McCabe

Zachary Snellenberger Print – 12×18″

Limited edition (20 prints) of Zachary’s Death image as featured in Loupe Issue 1. 
TP: This is such a powerful image. The scene clearly shows the devastating effect of our greed and industry on nature. However by placing someone in the foreground looking out thoughtfully over this once idyllic landscape we are forced to question the path we are on and our own choices. It reminds me of Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Casper David Friedrich.

©Zachary Snellenberger

Melaine Eclare Print – 12×16″- (19 of 20 Available) 

Limited edition (20 prints) of Melanie Eclare’s untitled image as featured in Loupe Issue 6.  Authorised by Melanie’s estate. Unsigned.
TP: This print is from Melanie’s After The Fire series. The series was shot after wild fires ravaged parts of Northern California in 2015. The series one lots of plaudits at the time of its release and rightly so, drawing our attention to the ‘extreme environmental change’ all around us. This image is says so much about the series and a great place to start collecting.’

©Melanie Eclare

Ian Howorth Print – 10×15″

Limited edition (5 prints) of Ian Howorth’s ( Issue 9) untitled image.
TP: Ian Howorth is one of the most committed and hard working photographers I know. Venturing off on long photo walks through rural Britain every week and often working long into the evening; scanning his negatives, making edits etc. The result from all this hard work is a very clear style and such a strong portfolio of prints. The print above is typical of Ian’s approach to photography, composing stunning geometric forms from otherwise banal or everyday scenes.

©Ian Howorth

Our Zachary Snellenberger,  Melaine Eclare and Ian Howorth prints are produced as professional quality C-types, provided by Bayeux.
By purchasing a limited edition print from our campaign, you’ll be supporting Loupe to stay in print.
Thanks from the team.

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