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Ionna Sakellaraki  Documents the lives and rituals of the remaining professional mourners in Greece, we are invited to reflect and learn about traditions that will cease to exist in the future.



Sari Soinninen shares her personal experience with psychosis episode and its impact on her relationship with reality. She uses her work as a means to trace and reconnect with the alternative ways of seeing and dimensions that she experienced during her 3-month episode.



Michael Alberry depicts the loud, energetic, and passionate worship of Pentecostal Christians community in the UK, who gather to worship in converted warehouses, to praise God through song and dance.  


Darren Harvey-Regan explores his gradual loss of faith in his series Eikon & Klan. The series presents a personal journey, exposing the progression of his ‘unbelief’, through studio shot still lives of ‘new iconography’.

Luke Archer, our editor, dives into spirituality through palmistry, horoscopes, and tarot, sharing with the reader his own personal discoveries and readings through these acts of prediction.


Featured Photographers: 

Michael Alberry
Lucy Bliszko
Shai Chishty
Harry Flook
David Harvey-Regan
Maria Lax
Paolo Prendin
Ioanna Sakellarakia
Sari Soininen



Simon Allezen
Luke Archer
Harry Flook
Gemma Padley
Dr Hannah Rumble
Imtiaz Shams

Print specs:

84 pages

240 X 170mm Portrait

Perfect bound


Issue 11 – Belief



The Professional Mourners of Greece

Iconography and Loss of Faith

Glimpses of the Multiverse

Worship in Pentecostal Christianity

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