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Issue 3’s cover feature is Chloe Massey’s beautiful images of models styled to represent the most inspiring matriarchal women throughout history. Luke Archer interviews Massey about her process of retelling these stories of empowerment and their impact on women’s rights.

Iris Veysey writes about Marcin Januszkiewicz’s photographic exploration of historical Indian observatories. His prints highlight the graphic nature of the structures, creating the stunning series Jantar Mantar.

We share the delightful and uplifting portraiture of Ibolya Feher’s East Street Tales. Feher documents her local shopping street in Bedminster, South Bristol; focusing on the positivity and kind-hearted spirits of the area.

We also feature the winner of the Shutter Hub Photomasters Award 2016 – Giulia Berto and her Fragments body of work. The black and white images capture the complications and passion of a long distant relationship, drawing the audience into her intimate and contemplative world.

Regular Features Include:

Portrait Page, Centre Fold, Turning Point,

Featured Photographers:

Mark Aitken
Marcin Januszkiewicz
Chloe Massey
Joshua Tabti
Bartolomeo Celestino
Giulia Berto
David Hoffman
Ibolya Feher

Iris Veysey
Brian Oosthuizen
Mischa Frankl-Duval
Luke Archer

Issue 3 – Digital


Ancient Observatories  in India

Matriarchs and the Progression of Women’s Rights

Gentrification in Bedminster, Bristol

Fragments of a Long Distance Love Affair


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