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New to Loupe? Catch up with this back issue bundle. The postage cost of this bundle is much cheaper than ordering multiple individual copies. The bundle is also your only opportunity to get your hands on a copy of issue 7! Due to low stock we no longer sell it as a single issue.

This bundle contains issues 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 of Loupe, including the following cover features:


Issue 11

In A Time to Dance photographer Michael Alberry uses a panaromic camera to document the dynamic experience of prayer.

Issue 10

Recent graduate Jasmine Bruno photographed masculinity in her home country of Italy for this cover feature. Jasmine discusses her motivations and findings with Sicilian photographer Mimi Mollica.

Issue 8

Mary Perez’s project Full Gospel documenting the megachurches of South Kore is Issue 8’s lead feature. Tom Roche interviews Perez about the importance of her background in religion, her stylistic approach, and her plans to further explore the subject.

Issue 7

Matthew Genitempo won the Loupe x Photograd competition with his project Jasper, a poetic documentation of the Ozark mountains of Arkansas, and the men who live there. We loved the work so much we decided to put it on the cover.

Issue 6

Bryan Huynh’s strikingly imaginative fashion photography is our lead feature for Issue 6. Alex Ingram interviews the artist about his inspirations, creative process and how he pitches to clients.

Issue 5

Nicholas White’s Black Dots is Issue 5’s cover feature. The project takes us on a journey through the vast British countryside and explores the culture of ‘Bothies’, temporary accommodation used by those travelling through the wilderness.

( issues  1,2,3,4,9 are sold out and can only be accessed as digital versions by our subscribers)

*Please note due to the packaging used by our distribution company the issues might not arrive all in the same parcel*

Back Issue Bundle!


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