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As our first themed edition, issue 10 represents an exciting development for the magazine. We opted for the important yet contentious subject of National Identity, a topic that deserves careful consideration in light of recent events.


Inside issue 10

Recent graduate Jasmine Bruno photographed masculinity in her home country of Italy, hoping to make sense of the subject after her challenging graduate project, To Catch a Thief. Jasmine discusses her motivations and findings with Sicilian photographer Mimi Mollica.

Tom Mauser, father to a boy who was tragically killed in the Columbine shooting, offers his thoughts on the question of gun ownership and the American constitution. His words are illustrated by Daniel George’s images of discarded items that have been used as targets for gun practice, titled Trigger Trash.

Rosie Wadey writes up fashion photographer Annie Lai’s images. In her ongoing project, Lai visits the homes of fellow students of Chinese heritage who now live in London.

Olli Helmann’s images of people peering anxiously over a cliff, accompany a piece which argues that the UK government has failed to consider the devastating effects of Brexit on the nations psyche, written by our anonymous ‘Westminster Insider’.

Andrew Canessa, principal investigator of the Bordering on Britishness project, discusses the development of national identity in Gibraltar. His words are accompanied by images from our very own founding editor, Luke Archer.

writers and Photographers

Anonymous Westminster Insider, Rosie Wadey, Andrew Casnessa, Tom Mauser, Mimi Mollica, Gemma Padley, Mark Leaver, Olli Hellmann, Annie Lai, Luke Archer, Tristan Poyser, Daniel George, Jasmine Bruno and Jenny Lewis.

Format: 80 pages
275 X 200 mm portrait
80 gsm uncoated paper



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