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Jake Bonnell

19 June 2019

The Physique of Documentation 1

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[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”19″ display=”basic_slideshow”]Forming a visual bridge between traditional photographic printing and point and shoot aesthetic, this work asks questions of the contemporary documentary photograph, analysing the great catalogue of work produced since it had become an artistic method and forcing a magnification upon the composition, style and colour tones borrowed from its predecessor, the darkroom.
 I had felt a personal connection with this project, aiming to create a small uproar towards all the documentary/portrait images I had seen winning competitions, magazine spreads and student awards not long after graduating.
There was a deep feeling in the air that perhaps following the likes of Bauhaus and Abstract artist’s of the 60s, I had wasted my time at university, lending it towards the experimentation of my chosen medium and not the panache that came with studio shoots and lavish DSLRs. 
While in a positive state of anger, one that I had honed to push my creativity, I decided to literally throw my abstracted darkroom prints onto black and white images taken on my iPhone. Happening between a space of anger and creativity The Physique of Documentation was created and handed me a piece of my own propaganda, my own F-U to the industry I loved.
instagram: @jakebonnell_

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