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Loupe 9

Juan Brenner’s Tonatiuh is our Issue 9 cover feature. The project explores how 300 years of colonial rule shaped Guatemala’s present situation.

Loupe regular, Rosie Wadey, shows us around Hollie Fernando’s portfolio, summing up her simple and evidently effective creative approach: create sincere work.

Tee Chandler takes an unusual approach to her family archive, revealing the hushed moments of intimacy between her uncle and his male lover; a heartfelt story elegantly summed up by Sarah Goad.

Mike Murphy takes a cliched technique, points it at a hackneyed subject, and produces something altogether new and brilliant; his obscure panoramic images are a welcome new vision of Los Angeles.

Featured Photographers:

Juan Brenner, Rory Carnegie, Tee Chandler, Alex Colley, Hollie Fernando, Karen Harvey, Ian Howorth, Mike Murphy and Muir Vidler.


Luke Archer, Mischa Frankl-Duval, Harry Flook, Sarah Goad,Gemma Padley and Rosie Wadey.

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