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Loupe 8

Mary Perez’s project Full Gospel documenting the megachurches of South Kore is Issue 8’s lead feature. Tom Roche interviews Perez about the importance of her background in religion, her stylistic approach, and her plans to further explore the subject.

Bertie Oakes, Martin Errichiello & Filippo Menichetti’s shared body of work In Quarta Persona is a complex historical investigation of the region surrounding the A3 highway in Italy, uncovering a troubled geopolitical past using varied mediums.

We feature images from iBacteria by Anders Gramer. His series of portraits peering through the growth of their own skin flora is a nice idea neatly executed, and well expanded upon by writer Iris Veysey.

We also share a selection of images from Julien Martinez Leclerc’s broad and yet refined portfolio, thoughtfully discussed by Rosey Wadey.

Harry Flook spoke to Holly Hay photographic director at Wallpaper* magazine about her role, and ask what advice she has for photographers trying to get noticed.

Featured Photographers:

Briony Campbell, Martin Errichiello & Filippo Menichetti, Anders Gramer, Holly Hay, Maren Klemp, Julien Martinez Leclerc, Mary Perez and David Shama.


Harry Flook, Bertie Oakes, Gemma Padley, Tom Roche, Iris Veysey and Rosie Wadey.

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