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Loupe 7

Sticking with the theme of no theme, this issue contains our most diverse range of projects yet. It’s a real celebration of the varied styles in contemporary photography, and we’re very proud.

Matthew Genitempo won the Loupe x Photograd competition with his project Jasper, a poetic documentation of the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, and the men who live there. We loved the work so much we decided to put it on the cover.

Ema Johnston is featured with her fresh take on the much-explored topic of drag, accompanied by Sarah Goad’s words.

Harry Flook talked to Jack Fleming about his new body of work, Punching which focusses on amateur boxing in Bristol and Brighton.

Also featured is Lewis Bush’s Shadows of the State and an interview with curator Anna Sparham


Matthew Genitempo, Ema Johnstone, Lewis Bush, Anna Sparham and Jack Fleming.

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