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Loupe 6

Bryan Huynh’s strikingly imaginative fashion photography is our lead feature for Issue Six. Alex Ingram interviews the artist about his inspirations, creative process and how he pitches to clients.

Michael Whelan’s Fragment’s explores our relationship with landscape using both photography and sculpture; the subject of the work being the ‘mountain summit’, won him the Shutterhub PHOTOMASTERS Award 2017 along with a feature in this issue.

Melanie Eclare’s natural talent for capturing such eye-catching portraits features in this issue, as we share her work of After The Fire. The series documents the aftermath of tragic forest fires in California, portraying the affected landscape and those who inhabit within it – Eclare’s sensitive depiction of the subjects shines through as regular of her practice.

We showcase beautiful imagery from the quickly emerging French photographer Marie Valognes – featuring both her personal projects and more commercial: ‘fashion sculptures.

Featured Photographers:

Bryan Huynh, Melanie Eclare, Michael Whelan, Marie Valognes and Frede Spencer.

Luke Archer, Rosie Wadey, Gemma Padley, Alex Ingram and David Chandler.

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