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Loupe 4

Jack Minto’s Maryland Parkway is our cover feature for Issue 4. A detailed interview with Minto about his methodologies, sits alongside his honest photography depicting the impoverished world existing just outside the famous Las Vegas ‘strip’.

Rosie Wadey interviews fashion, editorial and still life photographer; Mirka Laura Severa about her work and process. We learn how Severa plans and sketches her shoots and about her biggest challenges to date.

Gem Fletcher is interviewed by Luke Archer, focusing on Fletcher’s role as an art director. The conversation reveals details about her practice and what it takes to be successful.

We explore Joseph Wright’s landscape photography; investigating how he creates peaceful and painterly pictures of otherwise unnoticed scenes.

Regular Features Include:
Portrait Page, Centre Fold, Turning Point

Featured Photographers:
Sean Wyatt
Cyrus Mahboubian
Gem Fletcher
Jack Minto
Jasper White
Joe Wright
Mirka Laura Severa
Emma Evelyn Speight
Mimi Mollica

Brian Oosthuizen
Mischa Frankl-Duval
Alex Ingram
Grace Benton
Rosie Wadey
Luke Archer

Loupe Issue 10 Cover

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