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Loupe 2

Charles-Frederick Ouellet’s project Le Naufrage, an intriguing black and white depiction of fishermen and elements of the seascape, is the lead feature of Issue 2. The images focus on creating a poetic narrative, linking the trials and tribulations of modern fishermen with the shipwreck sites of their forefathers.

We share the wonderful and valuable charity work from Positive View chatting to Andrew Page, the CEO about how the photography course develops transferable skills for young adults from underprivileged backgrounds.

The photography agent and founder of Wren Artists, Jennifer Turner, introduces us to several examples of her artists’ personal projects, highlighting the importance of such work in attracting clients.

Wiktoria Wojciechowska’s Short Flashes provides a set of quickly-snapped portraits with a transient tone; capturing snippets of each person’s personality whether it be through their facial expression or the clothes they are wearing, as they bike into the night.

Featured Photographers:

Charles-Frederick Ouellet, Naomi Wood-Pearce, Positive View participants – Ramael Walker (18), Rea’kwon Warren (18), Prince Ogunsanya (18), Sophie Adele Teasdale, Wren Artists – Felicity McCabe, David Stewart, Luke Stephenson, Wiktoria Wojciechowska, Eva Stenram and Niall McDiarmid.


Luke Archer, Naomi Wood-Pearce, Iris Veysey, Niall McDiarmid and Jennifer Turner.

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