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Loupe 1

Andy Lo Pò’s Clowns is our Issue 1 cover feature. The project consists of beautifully lit portraits of clowns who gathered at The Grimaldi Memorial Service in Hackney, to honour of the original English clown, Joseph Grimaldi.

We chat to the legendary Klaus Otto Klaude about his work as a master black and white printer and his approach to working collaboratively with others.

Michael Jackson provides a surreal take on capturing a child’s imagination within landscape photography. Inspired by coastal walks, he mimics such scenes by hand in nothing larger than a modest fish tank. The result is a series of intriguing images, exploring the wildness of childhood and referencing the darkness of uncertainty of adulthood.

Chan Dick offers an unorthodox and meditative portrayal of those working at a neighbouring fire station. Shooting from a small window in his studio’s bathroom, he patiently waited for moments to present themselves; the routine and more surprising such as a visit from eager school children.

Featured Photographers:
Andy Lo Pò, Mami Kiyoshi, Klaus Otto Klaude, Zachary Snellenberger, Michael Jackson, Chan Dick and David Emitt Adams.

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