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L13 - Sustainability

Sustainability permeates every aspect of our lives and is now a necessity, not a choice. Human innovation, determination and persistence are more important than ever.
This season, through outstanding photography and texts written by experts in their fields, Loupe explores the ideas that might enable a sustainable future for humanity.

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L12 - Play

Play is the starting point for how we interpret the world around us, it develops the tools to navigate the world and form relationships. This season through photography and writing loupe have explored playful processes of photography, play therapy, nightlife, performance and identity, collaboration, virtual realities, and war play.

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L11 - Belief

Our beliefs shape the way we experience and interpret reality, they act as a filter for our opinions, and they guide our actions. This season loupe features photography and writing that explores belief through worship, mourning, loss of faith, superstitions and the possibility of other worlds.

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L10 - National Identity

Through the lenses of contemporary international photographers, we addressed broad issues including gun laws, masculinity, immigration, dual heritage, political conflicts, colonialism, and overseas workers.

National Identity

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