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Exploring Contemporary
Issues With Photography

Launched in 2016, Loupe has built a reputation for featuring the best in contemporary photographic talent. As society increasingly uses imagery to communicate we recognise photography’s ability to document, create debate, and make sense of the world around us.

We showcase work that tackles big subjects, issues that shape the human experience. Loupe is not a photography magazine written by photographers, we commission articles by experts on each theme to explore and contextualise the projects we feature. In the landscape of photography magazines, Loupe is unique.

we have just released Issue 13 of the magazine, exploring the theme of ‘Sustainability’.



The people behind Loupe

Luke Archer – Editor

Alec Jackson – Design and Art Direction

Megan Wilson De-La Mare – Online Editor

Chris Brent – Proof Reading



Loupe is sold worldwide in selected magazine shops, bookstores, galleries museums and more. Our current edition and back issues are also sold in our online shop.


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Lead image: Jasmine Bruno


Through photography and writing, we explore today’s bold and creative ideas that could be tomorrow’s solutions to our sustainability emergency.

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