Issue 10 will be the first themed edition and we’re kicking off with the weighty topic of national identity.

For many, nationalism has become a dirty word and in the glare of recent events we want discussion rather than to close down the shutters. Is national identity compatible with global community? And when does the expression of national sentiment tip into fascism?

We’re looking for projects that explore citizens’ relationship to their country, both positive and negative. You might have photographed football supporters in Japan, white supremacists in America, Brexit in the UK, or your own feelings towards your home country. We want all sides of the conversation.

Despite the hefty title we are looking for work on a macro and micro scale; you might have spent years documenting a whole country or a matter of days with an individual who you believe represents the broader debate. The work can be heartbreaking or humorous –the main thing is that it’s an engaging and well executed body of work.

We are looking for work from all genres of photography, be it fine art, documentary, fashion or commercial. There are no limits; as long as the work connects with our theme of national identity we want to see it.

How to Submit

To have your work considered for Issue 10 please send either a link to the project on your website or up to 10 web rez jpegs and a short project statement to submissions@loupemag.com.

Please note we cannot accept any form of file sharing link, so make sure your images are small enough to attach to a single email.

The deadline for submissions is the 20th of July 2019