Laura van Erp

In Between Spaces

Single Image (Diptych)

These two images, taken from the project In Between Spaces depict the area in which Dutch artist Laura van Erp grew up. Holland is a country that lies almost entirely below sea level. In between the borders of the rivers and the dikes, lies a stretch of land were no housing or farmlands are permitted. It is one of the only places in this densely populated country were the land is allowed to breathe. In this odd stretch of necessary no man’s land, Laura explores her sense of home.

Laura’s work usually starts from a social curiosity or observation. She often questions the very things around her, finds an area of friction and uses it for her research. She uncovers her own thoughts through her visual work. Translating them in a way so that people can look at the world through her eyes.


instagram: @pauravanerp


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