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Curating Photography: An interview with Tim Clark

In a world saturated with imagery, the role of curator is becoming ever more vital. Curating Photography explores a changing industry, through conversations with those who shape what we see.

Team Loupe: Luke Archer

Team Loupe is a series of interviews with the photographers behind Loupe Magazine.

Interview by Harry Flook –

Luke Archer is both Loupe overlord and a photographer in his own right, as well as being the most sincere creative I’ve had the good fortune to work with. Finishing an MA in photography seemed like cause enough for a conversation about the subject of that study, and a chance to ask for advice for photographers looking to get published, an area he’s well versed in. Luke’s ongoing project, The Rock, records the little reported British territory of Gibraltar, as it prepares for an upheaval in the shape of Brexit. Having already received positive publicity from the BBC, Huck and Creative Review, the project is set to be a significant piece of social documentary.

Curating Photography: An Interview With Zelda Cheatle

In a world saturated with imagery, the role of curator has become ever more vital. In this new series from Loupe we explore the changing industry of curation, through conversations with those at the forefront.

Interview by Maria Giorgia Lenzi –

In this brief interview, I spoke to curator and editor Zelda Cheatle. With over 35 years experience in the industry, Zelda has a valuable perspective. We discuss the essential skills of curation, digital consumption of photography, and her positive view of the industry.

Team Loupe: Álvaro Martínez García

Team Loupe is a series of interviews with the photographers behind Loupe Magazine.

Interview by Harry Flook –

Álvaro Martínez García studied journalism in Spain, before a move to photography and England. His masters project is shaping up to be an offbeat response to his family archive, uncovering the story of Álvaro’s grandfather, a man with Spain’s most common surname, before he is lost to anonymity. García García is a heartfelt plea for us all to look closer to home and history. As Álvaro nears the end of his masters study, we discuss the development of his photographic practice, his view on changing family archives, and his plans for the near future.

Issue 8 Interview: Julien Martinez Leclerc

Interview by Harry Flook –

Julien Martinez Leclerc has quickly honed a distinctive style, despite having only recently graduated from London College of Communication. His strong creative voice been rewarded with an impressive client list, rare for a photographer of his years. We featured a selection of Leclerc’s varied portfolio in Issue 8, accompanied by a text from photographic agent, Rosie Wadey. In this interview we discuss his early break into the world of fashion, the development of his strong aesthetic sensibility, and the advice he has for others looking to achieve the same.

Issue 8 Interview: Adrien Brondel

Interview by Harry Flook

Adrien Blondel is becoming known for coupling photography with unfamiliar uses of technology. We featured the filmmaker-come-photographer in issue 8, with an image from 21st Century Landscapes as our Centrefold. In this interview we discuss the complexities behind that wider body of work, and then touch upon Blondel’s most recent project, The object and the subject.

Issue 7 Interview: Ruth Baldry

Interview by Poleta Ianeva –

Ruth Baldry is a young social documentary photographer whose work is honest, fuelled from the colourful life around her. We featured an image from her project Tribodar on the portrait page of issue 7, and I recently caught up with her to see what she’s been up to since. We discuss where Ruth finds inspiration, the development of her latest body of work Good Boys and the vivid art of documentary photography.

Photographic Duos: Paul Gambin and Gemma Gerhard

Photographic Duos is a feature from Loupe, exploring collaboration in photography through a series of interviews with creatives working in pairs. We discuss varying approaches to collaboration, considering the issues of shared authorship alongside the benefits of collective creativity.

Interview by Bertie Oakes –

In this instalment of Photographic Duos I talk to Photographer/Graphic Designer duo Paul Gambin and Gemma Gerhard. The London based couple are in the midst of creating their first book, Honeysuckle, an ambitious project which focuses on a community living in close proximity to an abandoned dump outside the tourism hotbed of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Issue 8: Out Now

Written by Harry Flook –

Issue 8 has arrived at our stockists! Make sure you pick one up free before they run out, or order from our online store if you can’t make it a stockist. 

Upcoming Issue 8 Interview: Briony Campbell

Interview by Maria Giorgia Lenzi –

Photographer and filmmaker Briony Campbell’s  image Paul and Wahida starting over is our Issue 8 Turning Point. In this short interview she discusses her many inspirations, her collaborative projects, and her struggle to make her personal and intimate work for The Dad Project.

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