Author: harry

Interview Chain: Harry Flook x Matthew Broadhead

Interview Chain is a new series from Loupe. The concept is simple; a photographer interviews another photographer of their choice, who in turn does the same, creating a string of conversations around contemporary photography.

Matthew Broadhead is a photographer based in the Southwest whose graduate project A Space for Humans: The Moon on Earth (formally Heimr), earned him the Magnum Graduate Photographers Award, amongst other features and awards.

Team Loupe: Camille Mack

Team Loupe is a series of interviews with the photographers behind Loupe. For our first edition I spoke to Camille Mack, a documentary photographer based in London whose portrait was recently selected for the Talyor Wessing Portrait Prize exhibition.

Photographers in Publishing: An Interview with Maxwell Anderson

Photographers in Publishing is a series of interviews that aim to gather insights from those who balance making and publishing photography.